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Park Avenue LASEK is a 100% non-cutting, non-invasive laser vision correction center in New York City. Therefore, our Mission is to use our LASEK procedure to successfully treat people who cannot get LASIK.

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Park Avenue LASEK is happy to offer you our Corporate Discount Program, where all your employees (and their immediate family members) will receive a free upgrade to lifetime warranty (worth $1000 without this plan) for their more modern, safer, non-cutting, all-laser LASEK laser vision correction.

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We want to treat you! We know LASEK is over 10x safer than LASIK and we want to show you that there is a newer, more advanced solution to laser vision correction.

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Many of our patients have come in asking what makes our procedure different from a PRK since in both procedures the skin is removed. To put it simply, LASEK is virtually painless compared to a PRK.

There is virtually no pain or discomfort with our LASEK procedure. For patients that elect to have the older PRK surgery, there is immense pain for up to a week or more after surgery. While both procedures don’t cut flaps, in a PRK the skin is sanded it off, which uses a much more abrasive force than the gentler LASEK procedure.

Rather than using a softening solution to allow the skin to loosen, a PRK procedures opt to remove the skin right away. PRK procedures use a small sander to sand the skin off to reach the cornea. The result of this force is that patients experience intense pain and heal slower than with the LASEK procedure.

Standard vs HD Procedure

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LASEK is the most advanced version of laser vision correction that is possible with modern

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The most qualified, skillful and professional

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