Meet The Team Grid

  • Emil Chynn, MD, FACS, MBA
    Medical Director, Lead Surgeon
    Emil Chynn, MD, FACS, MBA
    Medical Director, Lead Surgeon

    Dr. Chynn is the most experienced & famous LASEK surgeon in the world.  He gives invited talks and lectures nationally and internationally every year, where he teaches surgeons how LASEK can safely treat patients who can’t get LASIK. This is why he switched from performing 5,000 LASIKs non-invasive LASEK (20,000+ procedures). 

    Dr. Chynn graduated from Dartmouth College and got his MD from Columbia University, the #1 medical school in NY. He completed his residency in ophthalmology in 1996 at Harvard and his fellowship in Corneal Transplantation & Refractive Surgery at Emory University.  Dr. Chynn was on the teaching faculty of Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital and New York Eye & Ear Infirmary, which Top Specialty Eye Hospitals ranked by US News & World Report. He heads his own Fellowship in Refractive Surgery—the largest of 10 in the US! Dr. Chynn was the 1st eye surgeon in the NY area to get LASIK himself (in 1999, for high myopia and astigmatism), and although he is still seeing well, he has night glare and dry eyes.  This is why he switched from the cutting LASIK to the much safer, non-invasive, non-cutting LASEK in 2005, to eliminate those problems.

    He’s also the only laser surgeon in NY who provides his patients with his personal email and cell phone, so you can contact him 24/7!

  • Sherry Guo, MD, PhD
    Cornea & Refractive Fellow
    Sherry Guo, MD, PhD
    Cornea & Refractive Fellow

    Dr. Guo was born in China and attended Harbin Medical University where she received her MD, graduating 1st in her class of 800. She completed her ophthalmology at the same institution and obtained a PhD in visual science.

    She was also a foreign research scholar at Oklahoma University Dept. of Cell Biology for four years and her work has been published in multiple peer-reviewed journals.

    Dr. Guo is fluent in Mandarin so is happy to help any Chinese patients learn about our non-cutting, LASEK procedure. She loves learning from Dr. Chynn; her enthusiasm is exemplary!

  • Tetyana Dovzhuk, MD, PhD
    Cornea & Refractive Fellow & Retina Specialist
    Tetyana Dovzhuk, MD, PhD
    Cornea & Refractive Fellow & Retina Specialist

    “Dr. D” received her MD at Sumy Medical University and her PhD in retina at Kharkiv National Medical University in Ukraine, where she also completed her residency in ophthalmology.

    For 6 years, Dr. D ran the largest laser vision center in Ukraine (“AILAS”), where she performed and assisted on thousands of LASIK cases.  She decided to come to PAL to spend a year with Dr. Chynn to master the newer, safer LASEK procedure.

    She also offers Ortho-K to our patients younger than 18 years of age, before they are eligible to correct their vision permanently with LASEK.

  • Mark Callanan, BA, MA
    Patient Coordinator
    Mark Callanan, BA, MA
    Patient Coordinator

    As Patient Coordinator, Mark’s job is to ensure that your process is smooth and painless! Mark graduated with his BA from Trinity College Dublin with Honors in History and Sociology.  He then completed his Master of Arts at Dublin Institute of Technology with Honors in Public Relations. A native Dubliner, Mark has been living in New York since 2013 and with Dr. Chynn sponsoring his visa, is looking forward to staying many more years. Mark had high astigmatism and was told by many doctors and centers in both Ireland and the US that he couldn’t get LASIK. He was delighted when Dr. Chynn performed LASEK, making him the 1st patient in history to get lasered from 20/20 to better than 20/20!

  • Ronan Good, M. Pharm.
    Ronan Good, M. Pharm.

    Ronan graduated from University College Dublin in 2009 with a degree in Agricultural Science. He then decided to pursue a career in Pharmacy like his grandmother and mother had, studying at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, where he graduated with a Bachelors and Masters of Pharmacy. As CSC, Ronan helps Dr. Chynn and his Fellows (Drs. Guo and Dovzhuk, who are both MD PhDs) collect and evaluate data regarding the use of LASEK to treat conditions that cannot be treated with LASIK (such as amblyopia), and to help prepare these results for presentation in national conferences and publication in peer-reviewed journals, to help educate other refractive surgeons worldwide. Ronan will also work with local compounding pharmacists to try to combine the drops used in the perioperative period to reduce complexity and improve patient compliance. Ronan also has astigmatism and is looking forward to having perfect vision after having his own LASEK at PAL!

  • Cindy Alves
    Front Desk Manager
    Cindy Alves
    Front Desk Manager

    As Front Desk manager, Cindy’s job is to take care of your scheduling needs, and make sure you keep all your scheduled appointments.

    Cindy is currently pursuing a bachelor degree in healthcare administration from Southern New Hampshire University and has over a decade of experience in client services working in the healthcare field.

    Cindy is fluent in Portugese and Spanish so please feel free to address all your questions in your preferred language.

    After seeing hundreds of ecstatic patients after their LASEK procedures, she is now eager to have her own procedure and see 20/20 without glasses!

    Cindy will also be in charge of our amazing beauty products which include: Latisse (to make your lashes grow longer, darker and more vuluptous. Botox, to get rid of those fine wrinkles and Juvederm for filling cheeks and lips.

  • Rhett
    Office Mascot
    Office Mascot

    Rhett is the Official Mascot of our practice, and hangs out in the back office nearly every day (Dr. Chynn walks to work with him).  Rhett is a borzoi, or Russian wolfhound.  Before the Russian Revolution, only members of the Russian royal family could own borzois!  Rhett has been featured in photoshoots for “Women’s Health” and for Valentino, and has raised thousands of $ as a therapy dog, including donations to the ASPCA & Guiding Eyes, which trains seeing eye dogs.  If you’re waiting too long/bored, just ask for Rhett, and you can walk him around the block!