The power of CXL + PRK

James wrote to Dr. Chynn (dr. Chynn’s answers are bold):


What brands and doses do you use for the topical and oral NSAIDs and the topical and oral steroids?

The brand of oral NSAID matters not. It’s just for pain relief BC systemic anti-inflammatory. Use generic ibuprofen 800 mg w every meal to prevent GI upset for 5 days postop

I use a Medrol DosePak postop BC it’s EZ for pts to follow the taper. But when it was unavailable we just used a generic pill w the same approx dose n it worked fine. Also helps prevent pain again BC it’s anti inflammatory 

I previously posted a list of NSAIDs. Voltaren regresses best. Nevanac doesn’t work at all. I’ve tried all. Could post a list in order of efficacy but can’t tolerate James then asking me to prove it w a 10-armed placebo-controlled trial?

Do you also prescribe Vitamin C?

Yes. I’ve said this before. For extreme myope a past -9 it’s very important in sunny climes to use 1000mg Vit C for 9 months n UV protect w good shades for the same amt of time or you’ll risk scarring!


You’re very welcome Jim. Glad to share my experience w you and the group. Let me/us know if the NSAID regression also works for your PRKs. But don’t publish that ahead of me ok?!?;)


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