Welcome to your LASEK Quiz

FDA recommends that you be at least 18 years of age before PRK/LASIK/LASEK.  What age are you?
If you give us your current eyeglass/contact lens prescription, Dr. Chynn will respond with your odds of seeing 20/20 after LASEK. So what is your prescription?
You don't have to pay everything up-front; we will accept what you're currently spending on glasses+contacts+solutions. Are you interested in our EZ Pay Plan?
Dr. Chynn accepts most insurance as partial payment towards your LASEK. Do you have private medical or vision insurance or Medicare (not Medicaid)?
Are you having difficulty seeing far away, up close, or both?
Do you wear glasses, contacts, or both?
What are the main thing that you dislike about your current situation in glasses and/or contacts?
Do you have dry eyes? (LASIK can make dry eyes worse, whereas LASEK can make them better)
Do you have glare now at night? (LASIK can make night glare worse; LASEK can make it better)
Is there any other question you would like answered before you come in for your Free Consultation? Dr. Chynn will personally answer one question now!

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